West House

Mrs Lynsey Cleaves
West Housemistress

As Head of House it is my privilege to work with our 220 ‘Westies’ to ensure they make the most of the Co-Curricular opportunities available to them whilst at Brentwood. Each week we have assemblies in the Memorial Hall and we meet to celebrate successes, or discuss a particular theme, event or charity. I always welcome our pupils to lead assemblies and so far we have had great presentations from Alfie, Alex and Beatriz.

It is my job to encourage the pupils to take part in House competitions and my pleasure to cheer them on from the side-lines. Our focus is always on ‘having a go’ and ‘getting stuck in’ - although winning feels great too! It’s already been an exciting year and is set to get even better next term when our Head of House Alfie introduces his new Triathlon House charity event.

West House staff keep track of competition contribution and write reports on pupils’ achievements and commitments. I have recently written the Lower Sixth House reports and would like to share two of our pupil’s reports with you below.

Beatriz Dos Santos Pardington

Beatriz has already proven herself to be a valued and respected member of the House. She has taken part in House music (in both the unison and part song) and she co-presented an impressive House assembly on the topic of racial awareness. Later in the year she is planning to take part in House swimming and she is working towards completing the Gold DofE award. Beatriz is productive and committed, she is a member of the Sir Anthony Browne Society, a speaker for the Junior Colloquium, a member of the School swimming team and will be part of the Model United Nations in December. Outside of school she has achieved grade six in LAMDA and will take grade eight in June. Beatriz has organised a charity bake sale for Macmillan, she is in the CSU and has undertaken prae duties. She has made an impressive start to Sixth Form and she is an inspiration to our younger pupils in West.

Sophie Hirst

Sophie continues to be an asset to the House. She has taken part in House music and the art challenge so far and also plans on representing West in hockey, table tennis, netball and badminton. She has recently completed her Silver DofE and won the GCSE Art exam prize. Sophie plays hockey for the School and her local team, Chelmsford Hockey Club. Sophie’s talents are wide-ranging, she is part of the gospel choir, psychology society and she is an NCO in the Army section of the CCF. Sophie is an asset to both the House and School and I am proud that she is in West!

Former Head of House, Alfie Moore

Who are you and why did you want to be Head of House?

I’m Alfie Moore, I’m 18 and have a passion to get as many people as I can involved with House events this year. The participation from us all in a good spirited competition is a fantastic way to make school life more enjoyable.

How would you describe the spirit of West House?

I truly think that West House is the best House in the School, simply because everyone involved in the events genuinely wants to participate in them. People always volunteer in West and staff are always enthusiastic, energetic and competitive - which makes for great inter-house competitions!

What do you think we are good at as a House?

Typically we are the best at swimming and waterpolo, as well as House football, rugby, and this year squash. Last year we won the lip sync battle which was a highlight for me personally. I know we always put in a solid effort and performance in drama as well.

Tell us about your triathlon idea and your motivation to do this.

My biggest hope this year is to inspire people, not only in my House but any student in the School to do some charity work, and I’m giving everyone the opportunity to do this by organising a School triathlon. I love doing triathlons and hopefully this event will show people how great they are as a sport, both for spectators and participants.

The event, open to all pupils and teachers, will be taking place on the School site in November, and is a 150m swim, 2.5k bike and a 1k run. To add more of a competition element, each House must put forward two people to compete in the triathlon as a House Triathlon Competition. I hope to get lots of spectators and supporters cheering on their friends and supporting their respective Houses.

The triathlon will be in aid of 'Home Start' a charity that helps troubled families in Essex in difficult situations through support and mentoring. My mum is also a keen volunteer at the charity.

Home Start charity website