School House

It is an absolute privilege to be the Housemaster of Mill Hill House. This really is a unique community where every single member of the House considers themselves to be part of a ‘big family’. To quote a former Head of House, ‘being part of Mill Hill is like having 24 sisters, who look out for each other both in and out of school’. It is this bond that galvanises Mill Hill in all they do. Although few in number compared to the day Houses, the enthusiasm and commitment from the Mill Hill girls during competitions and events is truly remarkable; we consistently punch above our weight and have been credited with some outstanding achievements. Each year, without exception, Mill Hill welcome between 6-10 new girls from around the globe who bring with them a wealth of talent and experiences that enhances the whole life of Brentwood School. While many of the girls have never participated in the variety of activities that the House system provides, I can safely guarantee that each will rise to the challenge in a way that will never fail to amaze and inspire those around them. 

Mr Mark Monro
Mill Hill Housemaster

Head of Mill Hill House, Charmmie Hui

I am honoured to represent Mill Hill as Head of House. Although I have only been here for one year I feel that I have already broadened my horizons. Being exposed to a variety of cultures and personalities within the House has really encouraged me and given me the confidence to be involved in the wider aspects of school life, especially the House competitions. While I was a little nervous at first to enter into so many in-house competitions, I enjoyed every second. It is for these reasons that I will also encourage the girls to, not only take part, but to try their very best and enjoy every opportunity given to them. My aim is to help them to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and to learn new skills and the spirit of teamwork that these competitions and events can provide. Win or lose, we will always emerge stronger and joyous.

Charmmie Hui

Deputy Head of Mill Hill House, Natalie Ho

I am very excited and fortunate to have been chosen as the Deputy Head of Mill Hill House for this year. Mill Hill is a close knit family where every girl from a variety countries like Russia, China, Italy and Bulgaria to name a few, are welcomed into our ‘home from home’. All of us get involved in every event, from individual activities, such as the ‘the water colour challenge’, team competitions, such as netball and hockey, to whole School competitions, for example the House Music Competition. There really is an opportunity for each of us to make a contribution to Mill Hill House in our own way. As Deputy Head of House I hope to encourage the girls to always try something new, whether it’s a new instrument or sport, but most importantly to feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment in everything we do as a House. Every girl is recognised and will be remembered for their individuality and contribution to the house, as we say; once a Mill Hill girl, always a Mill Hill girl.

Natalie Ho

Deputy Head of Mill Hill House, Rhianna Hanworth

When I heard I was made Deputy Head of Mill Hill House at the end of last year, I was absolutely delighted. Last summer I joined Brentwood School for the first time. I was understandably scared of coming to a place completely unknown to me, but I was welcomed with open arms by all the girls in the house, as well as our incredible Housemaster and Housemistress, Mr. and Mrs. Monro. In my short time here, I believe I have grown remarkably as an individual and the house competitions have really given me the confidence to take the opportunities given to me.
The girls of Mill Hill are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet, with many different backgrounds and all overflowing with personality. The atmosphere of Mill Hill is really that of a home and I would be proud to say that Mill Hill feels like a second family to me. In my role as Deputy Head of House, I hope to be able to continue to build the feeling of community within the house and also provide the best experience possible for any new members. Hopefully I’ll be able to use my experiences to encourage the new girls to grow in confidence, in the knowledge that they really have something very unique to offer, not just in Mill Hill but the wider aspects of school life. You will definitely see 100% commitment from each and every one of us throughout the year. 

Rhianna Hanworth