Pastoral Information

At Brentwood School we have an outstanding level of pastoral care which is provided by Heads of Year, Tutors and our Pastoral Team, ably supported by the delegated senior manager, Mrs Jenkin, and by all colleagues, who together create the enabling, supportive ethos.

Pupils at Brentwood are on a journey through education, but they are also building relationships on many different levels. The quality of these relationships is the key to the success of our community. Our pupils have a strong sense that they are known and that they belong here: in many different ways to different kinds of people.

Tutors combine pastoral care with detailed academic monitoring, thus treating the whole person. Their encouragement to their pupils to participate in a wide range of activities successfully engenders greater self-confidence and self-awareness. In addition to Mrs Jenkin, Deputy Head of Pastoral, Heads of Year and tutors, there are two Pastoral Managers.

If you have a concern about your child please contact the Form Tutor in the first instance or the Head of Year. For more serious issues, you may contact the Deputy Head, Mrs Jenkin responsible for Pastoral Care in the Senior School or Mr Whiskerd at the Prep School.

Please see below contact details for the Brentwood School Pastoral Team:

Pastoral Managers' Contact Details



Mrs Jenny Edwards, First to Fifth Year Year Pastoral Manager

Email Mrs Edwards



Mrs Sue Newby, Sixth Form Pastoral Manager                            Email Mrs Newby

Designated Safeguarding Leads


Mrs Nicola Jenkin, Deputy Head (Pastoral)                                

Email Mrs Jenkin



Mr Jason Whiskerd, BA (Hons), PGCE                                                                 
Headmaster of Prep School 

Email Mr Whiskerd's Secretary           


Mrs Vanessa Audas, BEd                                                              
Head of Early Years & Key Stage 1, 
Prep School   

Email Mrs Audas' Secretary


Mr Josh Holtby, BA, MA
Deputy Head, Head of PSEHCE

Email Mr Holtby

Assistant Safeguarding Leads



Mrs Jenny Edwards, First to Fifth Year Year Pastoral Manager

Email Mrs Edwards



Mr Ian Wignall, Director of Sport, Head of Fourth Year             

Email Mr Wignall