UKISET - International Applications

Brentwood School is a participant in the UK Independent Schools' Entry Test (UKiset) for overseas applicants.

Brentwood, like many other independent schools, is now a UKiset associate.

UKiset is an adaptive online entry test taken in English designed to support admission into the UK independent education system. 

It is an intelligent means to test a student’s developed ability and aptitude for learning and is a standardised assessment that helps identify the candidate's strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences. 

UKiset measures five principal areas:

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning (a form of problem solving based around diagrams rather than words)
  • Spatial Ability (tests the ability to mentally rotate and manipulate shapes in two and three dimensions)
  • Verbal Reasoning (problem solving with words)
  • Quantitative (is the application of mathematical concepts and skills to solve real-world problems)
  • English (grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening and creative writing) 

For your child to be considered for entry to Brentwood School, please register them on the UKiset website (see below for link) and schedule a test at your nearest UKiset test centre. Once they have taken the test and we have received your child's UKiset Profile Package, we will then decide whether to take the application forward.

To send us your child's UKiset test results, please download the School Selection Form below.

For more information on UKiset for Parents and UKiset for Agents please visit the UKiset website or email