What our parents say

I'd like to take the chance to thank you for your constant support and assistance. It's completely correct to say that your contribution is significant and you should consider [ ]'s success as yours as well. We do appreciate your attitude. You are definitely doing a great job. You can't imagine how incredibly important for overseas parents (provided proper relationship in the family!) to feel that their children live permanently under control and with support of kind house master and house mistress. We were really lucky to have met you. You did take part in bringing [ ] up. We are really grateful to you and I'll keep in my mind forever the day we first came to your house. It was the right choice for us indeed. We do believe [ ] has massively benefitted from being in Mill Hill House for four years.

Parents of 2017 leaver

My wife and myself want to say many thanks for your support for Annabel.
We never regret to bring Annabel to Brentwood and we are 100% convinced that Annabel's amazing grades would have been not achievable without your help over the last 2 years.

Apart from her significant progress as a student we have realized how much progress Annabel has made as a person and strongly believe that she is well prepared for all challenges in life - to be very honest we are very proud of our daughter, and we strongly believe that your impact on Annabel was significant and all the progress she has made over the last 2 years would have been not possible without all your support.

Again thank you very much for your helping bringing Annabel to the next level and make her such a curious and interesting person.

Mr & Mrs Griesmeyer

You couldn't reserve a warmer welcome to Valeria. You know how to let people feel at home and this is extremely important for Valeria ....and for us as well. 
As parents we are now experiencing a mix of feelings and we are sure something similar is happening to Valeria. For sure the prevailing feeling is happiness and you are playing an important role on that. 

I cannot find a better word than THANK YOU. 

Mr & Mrs Nulli

During the week, Brentwood takes care of important school things - homework, clubs and societies - leaving weekends as quality time for us to enjoy as a family.

Parent of a boarder

Dear Mr and Mrs Monro,

I am back to Macau now.  It is really nice to meet all of you and we thank and appreciate your hospitality during our stay in Brentwood.

From our visit, we feel that Brentwood School is a really very remarkable and competitive school, not only academically.  My daughter can also join a lot of activities such as sports and musical.  After going round the school, we found that all the staff and teachers are very friendly, polite and helpful.  The environment and facilities of the school are good and well equipped with different kinds of sports facilities such as swimming pool, gym room and running tracks etc.  Furthermore, even the town of Brentwood is small, it is convenient and can be easily accessible from different parts of UK via buses and trains. 

Moreover, the Mill Hill House gives us a really good impression.  The boarding house is near to the school.  It is warm, safe, neat and clean.  The house can really give you a family feeling.  It is also specious and each boarding student can have enough space for their study and daily life.  The services are also adequate and excellent such as laundry and meals provided.  Most important of all is that the students can have sufficient and loving care and help from Mr and Mrs Monro.   

I think that my daughter can surely enjoy her new school life in UK, both meeting new friends from different parts of the world and experience new cultures and teaching styles.

Thanks and best regards,

Parent of a new 2018 boarder