Senior School Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Art Department
Biology Department

Dr Emma Jane Paredes, Head of Biology                                                                                                                            


Miss Jane Byrne, Teacher of Biology


Dr Jennifer Crocker, Teacher of Biology
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Silver Leader

Dr Kevin Dingwell, Teacher of Biology


Mrs Pamela Ebden, Teacher of Biology

Miss Emma Faulkner, Teacher of Biology and Chemistry
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze Leader


Mr Keith Gray, Teacher of Biology
Deputy Head of First Year


Mrs Victoria Kerslake, Teacher of Biology


Mrs Charné Meiring, Teacher of Biology & Chemistry



Mrs Gemma Robertson, Teacher of Biology
Learning Support Teacher


Ms Sophie St Clair Jones, Teacher of Biology
Head of Teacher Development


Ms Marieka Watters, Teacher of Biology




Mrs Cathryn Getting, Senior Biology Technician



Mrs Joan Jenkins, Biology Technician



Mrs Fiona Penfold, Science Technician 

Business Studies Department
Chemistry Department
Classics Department
Computer Science Department
Design Technology Department
Drama Department
English As An Additional Language Department
Economics Department
English Department
Food and Nutrition Department
Geography Department
History Department
Learning Support Department
Mathematics Department
Modern Languages Department


Mr Ian Walton, Senior Head of Languages                                                          
Head of German and IB English B
Master i/c Chess

Mrs Nadine Piejko, Head of French, Teacher of German


Mrs Jing Rodgers, Head of Chinese


Mr Glenn Smith, Head of Spanish, Teacher of IB English B

Mr Mathias Bauer, Head of EAL, Teacher of German
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze Leader

Mrs Caroline Bowley, Teacher of French


Mr John Bowley, Teacher of French & German, Master i/c Oxbridge


Miss Reina Campbell, Teacher of French & Spanish

Mr Florian Cooper, Director of Music
Teacher of German


Mrs Laetitia Dearmer-Decup, Teacher of French & German

Mrs Alison Hall, Teacher of German, French and Dutch


Mrs Nicola Jenkin, Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Teacher of Modern Languages


Miss Christine Lacotte, Teacher of French


Mrs Miriam Morris, Teacher of French & German

Mrs Kathy North, Teacher of German, French and EAL

Mrs Qinrun Oztoprak, Teacher of Chinese


Mrs Irene Penalver-Edwards, Teacher of Spanish

Dr B Priest, Head of Italian
Teacher of French and Spanish

Miss Beatrice Selfridge, Teacher of French


Mrs Solange Roast, Teacher of French & Spanish


Mrs Amy Wall, Teacher of Spanish
Head of West House


Mrs Maria Watts-Jiménez, Teacher of Spanish


Mr Peter Laraway, Modern Languages A/V Assistant


Mrs Saida Kourout, French Languages Assistant


Mrs Heike Sheppard, German Languages Assistant


Mrs Elizabeth Walsh, Spanish Languages Assistant

Music Department
PE Department
Physics Department
Politics Department


Mr Mike Willis, Head of Politics
Teacher of History 


Dr Christian Bryan, Teacher of Politics & Psychology, TOK Co-ordinator
IB Global Politics Coordinator


Mrs Ruth Coppell, Teacher of Politics & History



Dr Caroline Harvey, Teacher of Politics & History 

Mr M Howard, Teacher of History & Politics

Miss Ellen Keegan, Teacher of History & Politics
Psychology Department
Religion & Philosophy Department
Boarding Staff


Mr Timothy Cope, Mill Hill Housemaster
Teacher of Mathematics



Mrs Katie Cope, Mill Hill Housemistress



Mr Steven Taylor, Teacher of English
Hough Housemaster




Mrs Sue Taylor, Hough Housemistress


Pastoral Support

Mrs Nicola Jenkin, Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral) 
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Teacher of Modern Languages


Miss Michelle Choate, Head of Dance
Director of Wellbeing
Teacher of English       


Mrs Sue Newby, Sixth Form Pastoral Manager 

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Mrs Jenny Edwards, First to Fifth Year Pastoral Manager

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Mr John Edwards, School Counsellor

Sixth Form Senior Staff