Senior School Term Theme

Word and Image

We live in a world that is filled with words and images. In our media-driven society, the words and images can be powerful indeed and often they can shape our actions and alter our emotions.

Successful business looks to advertise through word and image and we are all very familiar with many of the world-famous logos and strap-lines which we are often surrounded by. Jesus spoke to people through stories and in ways that resonated with them in their lives and in the culture of the time. Many of these simple stories and phrases remain powerful and life-changing today.

This term, we shall take a closer look at some of the more famous strap-lines in our commercial world and take a moment to reflect upon how these simple, yet powerful words, can resonate with us at a deeper level.

  • Every Little Helps                     Mark 4. 30-32
  • Becuase You're Worth It         Mark 5. 1-20
  • Think Different                         Mark 8. 31-38
  • Connecting People                  Mark 14. 22-26
  • Just Do It                                   Mark 6. 6b-13