Joining Brentwood

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire life-long learning within a nurturing, culturally creative and intellectually dynamic community.

Our Aims and Ethos

Brentwood School is a Charity, the Objectives of which are “the advancement of education in or near the District of Brentwood by providing day and boarding schooling”. We provide a first-class education for pupils aged between 3 and 18. Our ethos cultivates an appetite for achievement and a determination to succeed. Within the classroom, we encourage pupils to strive for the highest academic standards, to seize the many learning opportunities provided and to celebrate their achievements and those of their peers. Academic learning is enriched outside the classroom with a wealth of activities that enable pupils to grow in confidence, work effectively in teams in a mutually supportive environment, develop leadership skills and value service to others.

Our Vision

Our priorities are to:

  1. Ensure that each individual pupil is safe, is valued, is enabled to fulfil his or her potential and achieves the best possible academic results.
  2. Provide a range of opportunities designed to produce well-educated balanced pupils with good leadership skills, who work well with and show a concern for others, and who take principled action in both the local and international community.
  3. Enable students to emerge as intellectually curious, resilient, enterprising and independent young people, with good moral character.

Our School Motto

Our School motto, ‘Virtue, Learning and Manners’, is taken from the School statutes of 1622. The principles of academic achievement within a caring Christian ethos remain a cornerstone of the School’s philosophy today.