Careers and UCAS

University Applications

British universities, European universities, and American universities all want more than students who have merely passed exams. They are looking for students who can manage their time effectively, who are open-minded, who are curious and independent, who are effective communicators, able to cope well under pressure and who have strong global awareness.

Some students will choose to pursue one of their A Level or IB Diploma subjects at degree level whilst many others will proceed to university courses in disciplines which they will not have previously studied in Sixth Form such as Accountancy, Law, Sociology, International Relations, Medicine or Management.
Increasingly, students embark upon programmes of intensive professional training that enable them to enter professions which are not directly related to their undergraduate degree courses.

Consequently, we advise our Sixth Formers that they should not allow their Sixth Form choices to be entirely governed by their future career aspirations. However if they wish to study Medicine or another scientific subject at university then there is an expectation that they will have studied at least two Sciences. Their choice of A Level or IB Diploma subject does have implications for their choice of university course, since Admissions Tutors need concrete evidence of proven ability and academic potential.

Our dedicated Careers guidance recommends and guides students based upon a wealth of information that it receives from university admission tutors and external career advisers.