Academic Overview

There is a saying that goes like this: “The difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ is WORK.” We will give you all the help you need to succeed in examinations; our consistently excellent results prove this. Whatever subjects you study, we emphasise depth of understanding and creative thinking.

If you are interested in coming to Brentwood Sixth Form, you are someone who realises that there are great rewards in life for those who are enterprising, enthusiastic and industrious. We are here to help you reach the peak of your personal and academic capabilities.

Brentwood Sixth Formers have a love of their subjects and a hunger to improve. With our help managing time and setting goals at first, we expect that you will undertake 20 hours of independent study a week; developing self-motivation is a big part of being a student here.

We want to expand your horizons and make you think beyond the syllabus, so we invite guest speakers into School and organise visits to both local and far-flung places. Our ultimate goal is to help you really enjoy what you are studying, so that learning becomes a passion that lasts a lifetime.

A Levels

We offer 26 different subjects to study at A Level and can accommodate most subject combinations, within the constraints of the School timetable. The syllabuses we favour are excellent preparation for undergraduate level study across the Arts and Sciences.

International Baccalaureate

The IB is a distinguished qualification that is recognised by universities all over the world, and Brentwood School sits proudly in the top 15 of the Independent IB Schools League Table (2017). The IB requires the study of six subjects and the completion of core components: the ‘Theory of Knowledge’ course; an extended essay; and the ‘Creativity, Action and Service’ module. If you undertake the IB course, you will benefit from seeing what you learn from a global perspective in all your studies. Visit our IB page for more information.

BTEC Extended Diploma

The BTEC National Extended Diploma is a specialist pathway in Sport or Business with an emphasis on vocational skills and ongoing assessment. BTEC qualifications are the largest, most recognised vocational qualifications for Sixth Form students. Last year, a quarter of UK university applicants presented with BTEC qualifications, according to UCAS. The BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma has the same guided learning hours as 3 A Levels, and many Top 20 universities are equating and valuing it as such.

The BTEC Extended Diploma provides the knowledge, understanding and skills that allow students to gain experience of the sport or business sector that will prepare them for further study or training. There is a final examination at the end of the course, but most of the units are assessed through coursework projects. Students are continuously aware of how they are progressing.