Year Groups & Academic Overview

Every Year Group has teachers who combine expertise in their field with a love of their subject, so lessons are full of energy and depth. With an average class size of 20, staff are able to pay close attention to the development of each child and adapt what they deliver to an individual’s needs. Children who are particularly able in a subject are challenged to go further with their skills and ideas, and those who might be finding something harder to understand are given focused help.

Our pupils achieve excellent results in their academic work. We find that teachers’ high
expectations are met with pupils’ enthusiasm. Brentwood pupils are consistently at the top
of the field for the National Curriculum tests at age 11, and a large proportion achieve
scholarships at the same age.

We study all the National Curriculum subjects including Latin. French is taught up until Year 4, and then Spanish and Chinese is taught in Years 5 & 6. As they move up the School, our pupils are given tasks that require more independent study and research. We also cultivate a sound work ethic in preparation for Senior School. Classroom learning is regularly enhanced with trips and visits around this country and abroad.